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Welcome to Dennis Tromburg Associates and thank you for visiting our online picture and information portfolio.

Conceptualize your dream garden, design it, build it and enjoy it, Conception to Relaxation. In the Golden State we are blessed with the climate and resources that allow the accomplished Landscape Architect to create an Outdoor Living Environment that complements their client’s life style and budget. We are limited only by our imaginations and the continued willingness to explore new ideas.

I believe pictures of projects designed by Dennis Tromburg Associates can best tell the story of what my firm and associates are capable of designing and building. Please take some time and browse through the various photographs of swimming pools, outdoor entertainments areas and other landscapes that make up my online portfolio. These photos will not only help communicate what I’m capable of designing but should also stimulate your own thoughts and ideas about your project.

Dennis Tromburg Associates is a Design-Build and also a Design Only Architectural Firm. By Design-Build I mean that all the projects you see on this website were designed and built by Dennis Tromburg and my associates. The idea is that after you and I have developed the final conceptual plans I will then collect bids for your approval and then coordinate and oversee the construction of your project. Design Only is another option where I draw up the plans and specifications from which you can bid and built the project yourself or hire another contractor to do so.

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